Based on the success of nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of plastic nets and PP woven products (jumbo bags) for the Japanese, European and American markets. Since 2020, we have focused on the domestic market with special products for high-tech agriculture, such as high-tech insect nets, multi-purpose nets, fishery nets, construction nets, tarpaulins, mulches, and ropes.

We use advanced equipment, European technology in production, comply with the ISO 9001 management process and strictly follow the 5S of Japanese quality (Seiri - Seiton - Seiso - Seiketsu - Shitsuke. They mean organization, neatness, cleaning, standardization and discipline respectively).

LUOI LUC SI's products are focused on the quality, economy, and efficiency to replace imported goods. Help businesses and farmers save investment costs, significantly reduce the use of pesticides, increase productivity, profits, and product quality. Besides that, products are safe for users' health and environmentally friendly.

Luoi Luc Si is a cooperative brand of Minh Hung Group. Minh Hung Group have received many important and coveted awards such as Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises in Vietnam, Top 500 Biggest Private Enterprises in Vietnam continuously since 2010, Top 50 Most Reputable Brands in Vietnam and placed on the merit lists from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.




Anti-insect nets are the perfect solution in the agriculture and aquaculture industry, as well as in construction and housing designs to prevent dust and harmful insects.



Net house is a new trend for farmers in rural and urban areas. Since then, net houses have sprung up everywhere, from the North to the South, contributing to bringing a new face to Vietnam's agricultural industry..



Shade net is a product that cuts out direct sunlight from the sun, has a high degree of side, and is very environmentally friendly.


HDPE Lining Shrimp Pond

Luc Si Tarpaulin is a direct manufacturer and distributor of high quality HDPE waterproofing membranes. Serving for lining shrimp ponds, lining the bottom of water tanks, aquariums, biogas tunnels, landfills, slag yards, etc. with extremely competitive prices.

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