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After 25 years of very successful operation based on the criteria "Quality – Innovation – Creation – Pioneer Ability", Minh Hung Group is among 80 enterprises to be honorably certified Vietnam Value since 2016 by the Government and have received many important and coveted awards such as Top 500 Biggest Private Enterprises in Vietnam continuously since 2010, Top 50 Most Reputable Brands in Vietnam and placed on the merit lists from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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  • In 1994

    The Minh Hung Company initially produced bottled natural mineral water. Minh Hung was the first company in Vietnam that introduced clean fresh bottled water in large volume PET bottles to hospitals, schools and family households which helps to build up Vietnamese people's habit of drinking clean water.
  • In 2000

    Based on the market needs for PET bottles which had been thoroughly researched for the highest hygiene standards, the Minh Hung Group, progressed to manufacturing large volume PET packaging (5L- 30L). The Group established itself as the first manufacturer in the world to produce PET–grade plastic tanks with capacities of 300 Ltrs. to 3000 Ltrs.
  • In 2005

    The Minh Hung Group by now was a well-known entity. Consisting of financially independent companies which share the brand name Minh Hung in order to increase competition capacity and corporate status for development, the Group is guided by the philosophy of “Not just business relationships, but business partners. Not just a customer but a long term friend”. The Minh Hung Group desires to establish long term relationships for reconciled right and benefits, creation of goodwill towards the optimal goal and combined strengths to achieve mutual success. Its action guideline is: Harmonious development between community’s benefits, products and care for the environment are important factors in production. By leveraging its combination of accumulated resources, creativity and skillfulness of the Vietnamese workforce, an innovative invention of a bed net with the ability to automatically repel and kill mosquitos and other disease causing insect bites was launched into the market with the backing of Sumitomo Corporation. This beneficial invention enabled the Minh Hung Group to be honourably chosen to be a main supplier of mosquito nets to the global malaria programmes by WHO and UNICEF since 2006. This mosquito net was the forerunner of the reengineered and highly effective mosquito net launched in 2016 in an effort to make a contribution to the National malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis control programme. Branded ‘ChamCham’, the Minh Hung Group provided the community with these insecticidal bed nets to combat indigenous mosquitos and insects, which automatically repelled and/or killed them before they could bite the unaware sleeper through the walls of the net.
  • In 2011

    Vietnam was producing only 2 % of the FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) being produced globally. Taking advantage of 10 years of experience in textile manufacture, modern market research and the increasing need for (FIBCs) in Vietnam, ‘FIBC VIETNAM’ was established and has become one of the leading manufacturers in Southeast Asia with the largest capacity about 6 million jumbo bags per year. Minh Hung has invested in state of the art machinery as well as vertically integrated production systems for the purpose of increasing its global competitive ability.
  • In 2016

    Minh Hung provides to export and domestic markets netting products, mulch film and rope for construction, aquaculture, agriculture, which contributes to the development of agricultural products with advanced technology.
  • In 2018

    Minh Hung introduces PE liner for packing, mulch film, weed control fabric, tarpaulin ect..
  • In 2020

    Applying creativity in production, complying with strict procedures of quality management according to Japanese standards, controlled by European devices, Minh Hung has developed and supplied the market of Home products anti-insect net. The anti-insect net is designed with a variety of holes applied to different crops and different anti-insect net sizes to suit all growers' investment needs. This product has replaced imported goods, helping growers increase productivity and reduce investment costs. By using Netting House, growers can increase productivity, saving cost, optimum performance for protecting crops against pest and make fruits and vegetables cleaner.
  • In 2022

    To contribute to the development of the agricultural industry in Vietnam according to the high-tech trend, Minh Hung Group launched pond liner for shrimp farm that manufactured comply with ISO management process and Japanese management responsibility to provide to the Vietnam market a very quality liner.
  • In 2023

    2023: Minh Hung focuses on export PET blowing machines.
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